The Corporation of the Town of Spanish

Municipal Office Christmas and New Year’s Hours –  The Municipal Office will be closed from Monday, Dec. 27 until Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022.  The Public Works Dept will be closed Monday, Dec. 27 and Tuesday, Dec. 28 and Monday, Jan. 3, 2022.  In case of an emergency, Public Works can be reached at 1-705-849-7600.  Best wishes to all!

Caution isn’t only for the roads this season. Stop the surge of COVID-19 in Algoma.

Our cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Algoma.
Here are some actions to protect yourself, your household, and your workplace to help stop the surge of COVID-19.

  1. Even if you are fully immunized cut back on unnecessary activities where you have unmasked, face-to-face close contact with people you don’t live with.
  2. Anyone who is sick, even with mild symptoms, must stay home and isolate away from others – regardless of whether you have received the COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Get fully vaccinated.

Learn more: Stop the surge of COVID-19

Immediate Action Needed to Stop the Surge of COVID-19 in Algoma Communities
Algoma Public Health is alerting all Algoma communities and residents of an increased risk of COVID-19 at this time due to local community transmission.
All Algoma residents and workplaces should immediately take the following actions to protect yourselves and fellow community members.
Read here for:   Actions to Protect Yourself, Your Household, and Your Workplace

A message from Algoma Public Health…
Moving forward, as clusters and isolated cases appear, APH appreciates your support and continuing to push this message: the thing to do is not publicly shame any group or person, or paint an entire community with stigma, but to wrap supports around folks who are ill and need assistance, and combat misperceptions and stigma. Fear and stigma are real. But we can help combat that!  We know that the vast majority of Algoma residents are taking precautions.  Let’s continue to encourage this, while not stigmatizing ill individuals, nor entire communities.

The Algoma Public Health Website contains a lot of information about Covid-19 and the approved vaccines – Click here for more information

This short video by Johns Hopkins University   Explains mRNA Vaccines


 The Municipal Office is now open.  Please book an appointment for property, building, planning, cemetery issues, etc.  

In addition to payments at the counter, you can still make payments  online or drop down the Library book deposit at the front door. Please place your payment, along with your bill in an envelope.  A receipt will be issued.

Council meetings have resumed in the Council Chambers and are open to the public.  The public will be required to register their intent to attend the meeting by 4:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the council meeting by calling the municipal office. Council meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of each month and agendas and minutes are posted on the web-site.

Playgrounds and ball park are now open to the public, however playground equipment will not be disinfected and will be accessible to “Use at Your Own Risk”. 

Gym and Sauna remain closed at this time.  As well, bookings for the   Main Hall and Conference Room are not being accepted.