Spanish Volunteer Fire Dept.

The Spanish Volunteer Fire Department has a roster of 18 active personnel, including a Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Training Officer. When a call comes in through 9-1-1 all volunteer fire fighters are alerted and dispatched by pager and telephone system. The Spanish Volunteer Fire Department is a member of the Algoma District Mutual Aid.

The community of Spanish has fire hydrants throughout the built up area and a tanker truck is used in those areas not supplied with hydrants. Other equipment used by the Spanish Volunteer Fire Department includes 2 pumpers, a rescue van and auto extrication equipment.

IN AN EMERGENCY ALWAYS CALL 9-1-1 – do not contact individual fire fighters as this will result in a delayed response.

Interested in applying to become a Spanish Volunteer Fire Fighter? Please fill out the application found here.

We are now issuing burning permits for 3 days at a time.  Please come to Town of Spanish to get your permit.

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