Clerk’s Office

The Town Clerk’s office is responsible for managing the flow of information between the Administration and the Town Council and for assisting the Council as it makes decisions on behalf of local ratepayers. The office is also responsible for maintaining municipal records, conducting municipal elections, acting as Secretary to Council and its Committees, issuing of marriage licenses and other licenses and permits such as Building Permits, lottery licences etc. and ensuring compliance with municipal by-laws, including property standards. In our small town the Clerk’s office is also involved in communications with the public and in the coordination of many projects and activities on behalf of the Council and community.


Official Plan Dec 11, 2017 (Minister Modified Copy) – Spanish OP

1-Schedule A-OP 2018-11-14

2-Schedule B-OP 2018-11-14

Schedule C-OP DECEMBER 11 2017

Zoning By-law -2018-62 June 19th, 2019

Schedule A-ZBL

Schedule B-ZBL

Schedule C-ZBL

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