Waste Management, Recycling and Landfill

The Spanish landfill is located off Highway 17 just west of town. Please note that only residents of Spanish are able to bring items to the landfill. The attendant will ask for I.D. to verify.

Landfill Hours of Operation (May – October)
Fridays 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
3rd Saturday of the month 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Please note that tipping fees apply when bringing items to the landfill. For current tipping fees, please see the user fee by-law.

Amnesty Days
On amnesty day, tipping fees at the landfill are waived. All items except demolition materials are free to dump. Please remember that fridges and freezers still have to be decommissioned before entering the landfill. Please check the latest newsletter for upcoming amnesty days.

Did you know that you can bring clean metal and tires to the landfill (when it’s open) and avoid tipping fees? Did you know that you can drop off unwanted electronics to the e-waste bin in the Public Works yard for free? For more information about recycling alternatives, how to reduce tipping fees, and what can be recycled at the curb, check out our recycling flyer.

Need more information?
Click here to view the Recycling Flyer which includes recycling alternatives

2024 Recycling Calendar

2023 Recycle Calendar

2022 Recycling Schedule

2021 Recycling Schedule

*Residential Waste Must Not Be Placed More Then 2m From Edge of Travelled Portion of The Street Or It May Be Refused For Pick Up*

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